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850 Factory Super Trail Shoot Out on tap at Hay Days

850 Factory Super Trail Shoot Out for Haydays

Velocity Race Management and the Sno Barrons have created this unique opportunity for a Shoot Out for 850 high performance trail sleds to showcase their performance.

Eligible sleds from the model year 2019 and up 800-850cc non turbo with a 1 1⁄4’ lug track and maximum of 137” track in length.

Allowed upgrades: Aftermarket commercially available single pipe exhausts allowed, based on the catalog unmodified trail Y pipe, trail single pipe, muffler/silencer. Clutching, gearing. EFI/ignition, reprograming/reflash or plug-n-play/piggyback controller. Reeds/reed block. Steel studs, steel or Aluminum backers. 1.875 maximum stud length. Air box removal, replacement with filters. Additional wheels in suspension.

Sled will have to follow all ISR general rules.

ISR required tether, ISR approved driver protective equipment: helmet, upper body protection, shin guards, leather above ankle boots.

Weight with driver 800cc 665 lbs 850cc 685 lbs

Spec fuel of Between 95-100 octane will be provided.

Entry fee $100

ISR competition license $35

VRM Registration fee $20

Guaranteed purse if 10 or sleds enter 1st $3000, 2nd $1000, 3rd $400, 4th $350

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